Team Nigeria

Congratulations to all members of Team Nigeria and the Juventus Academy Nigeria family for their success in the recently concluded Juventus Academy Cup At Home.

After 3 gruelling rounds of different exercises, tricks and skill tests based on age categories between 64 Juventus academies from around the world, Juventus Academy Nigeria finished in the top tier of the Cup’s groups by making it into the Ronaldo Gold Group.

What is the Juventus Academy Cup At Home?

As a result of the unfolding pandemic, the Juventus Academy World Cup which normally takes place in Turin, Italy was reimagined as the Juventus Academy Cup at Home. This way, all participants from Juventus academies around the world could feature in an annual competition comprising different age-skill level activities from the comfort of their homes on all continents without any misgivings about social distancing or related COVID-19 health concerns.

Juventus Academy Cup At Home


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